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We welcome you to the Accreditation information page of the (Resurrection Bible College (RBC)), a college with the mission of providing Ministerial education, and theological training for anyone interested in obtaining a degree in ministry or Bible studies to further improve their calling and ministry.

The studies offered by Resurrection Bible College, (RBC), are not in competition with the secular field of training or employment. Resurrection Bible College was established to train men and women of God and equip them with the tools necessary to be mature, productive and be part of the good functioning of the local body of Christ, the Church.

                                 Resurrection Bible College

Resurrection Bible College, has been established to meet the needs of those believers, leaders, and workers, who want to prepare more and better to work in the ministry for the Lord and in their respective churches; and yet they have not been able to study in a biblical institute, and do not have the opportunity to study the Word, due to ministerial, work or family commitments. The College offers its biblical programs through the internet and by correspondence. Making it possible for you to complete your studies from the comfort of your home or office, all you need is a computer!

Christian Union Theological seminary, (CUTS)

Resurrection Bible College is a ministry or branch of the Christian Union Theological Seminary, (CUTS), is a non-profit religious corporation chartered by the State of Massachusetts. CUTS seeks to provide educational courses and training at undergraduate and post graduate levels, to prepare students to enter into a variety of ministerial vocations, to offer spiritual, personal, intellectual, and professional components of a rigorous theological education essential for effective Christian witness and ministerial practice.

                                      Transworld Accrediting Commission International. (TACI)

Because this college is a ministry or branch of the Christian Union Theological Seminary, Our school is legally and theologically accredited through the seminary by Transworld Accrediting Commission International. TACI is a professional, federally recognized, non-profit educational organization, whose philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in non-traditional evangelical educational institutions. TACI provides consulting services that enable educational institutions to comply with accepted standards of performance.

                                     Christian Teacher Training Association (CTTA).

Resurrection Bible College is a member of the Christian Teacher Training Association (CTTA). CTTA, It is a national association of churches, schools, colleges and seminaries, which support the training and certification of educators and Christian teachers, to advance the highest standards in Christian education. They offer seminars; share resources, and learn about the services and programs to help develop skills and become teachers and leaders of relevant ministries, to effectively serve the Lord in the local church, Bible schools and seminaries

All Grades programs, diplomas and certificates granted by Resurrection Bible College, are for the purpose of preparing students for ministerial vocations.